Internship for the CSUN Audio Technician Certificate Program

Intern Sponsorship Agreement

Purpose – The CSUN Audio Studio Technician Certificate Program is a specialized program to prepare highly qualified students for entry-level studio maintenance positions. Technical Supervisors from major recording and film studios (A&M, Westlake, Sony Pictures, Rumbo, POP and Groovemasters) have developed the curriculum and will be teaching the classes. In addition to a broad range of technical topics, the program includes training in communication skills, tact, diplomacy, studio etiquette and crisis management. All applicants must pass screening exams and interviews to verify that they are familiar with basic audio/studio equipment and procedures and to evaluate their skills in problem solving and crisis management.

Curriculum – The 10-month Certificate Program consists of:

The formal instruction, homework and exams cover the equipment and techniques of the recording studio, while the internship provides the student with first-hand experience using this knowledge. For the internship to be meaningful to the student, a supervising maintenance engineer must be available to mentor the student. To meet this goal, all studios, manufacturers and sales organizations participating in the internship program must schedule the student to work under the direction of an experienced senior technician.

Intern sponsorships –Studios, manufacturers and sales organizations sponsor these student internships by making tax-deductible educational donations to CSUN. All donations are utilized to provide financial aid to the students in this Certificate Program. The donation is $800 for 200 hours of an intern's time.

The pairing of students with sponsors will be conducted in a manner similar to the hiring of a regular employee. The students undergo interviews with internship sponsors and the sponsors make offers of internships only to students that the sponsors find acceptable. Work hours can be arranged for the convenience of the sponsor and student, but the schedule must include the availability of the supervising technician.

The internship is an educational activity, not an employment agency. To provide a broad base of knowledge, the students may work for more than one sponsor during the program. The sponsor may hire the student as a regular employee for hours beyond the 200 hours of the sponsorship segment, but any abuses or premature efforts to recruit students as full-time permanent employees will disqualify the sponsor from any future intern sponsorships.

The payment schedule of the $800 sponsorship fee is:

Donations will be refunded on a prorated basis in the event of an unsatisfactory sponsor/intern situation. A sponsor may elect to discontinue sponsorship at the beginning of each segment by notifying the University in writing. Payment instructions will be provided upon receipt of a signed sponsorship agreement.

We thank you for your interest in the CSUN Audio Studio Technician Certificate Program and hope that you choose to actively sponsor this effort to provide well-trained technicians to support our industry. If you have any questions, please contact Valari Kirkbride at (818) 677-4334 or Dale Manquen at (805) 529-2496.


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