The Practitioners Guide - Dolby 361 NR Frame Alignment Procedure

  1. Adjustment of 361 frames is an inexact science, since the input and output adjustments are used for both encoding and decoding. This procedure optimizes encoding.
Step NR Mode Tape Mode Instructions
1 Set the oscillator for 1khz at 0VU.
2 NR out /
input Verify levels between the console and the tape machine. Adjust the tape machine for unity gain.
3 NR out /
input /
input /
Align the tape machine per the studio's standard procedure. Print tones now if necessary.
4 Set the oscillator for 1khz at 0VU.
5 NR out /
N/A Adjust "input level" so that the Dolby meter is on the dot.
6 NR out /
input Adjust "output" so that the tape machine meter reads 0VU.
7 NR out /
sync Individualy switch each tape track to input. Verify that each Dolby channel switches to "REC".